Concept: This session is designed to bring participants to a level where they understand main Continuous Improvement concepts, differentiate between “incremental” and “breakthrough” improvements, learn where & how to use basic methods & tools.

Each session can be tailored based on the needs of the group.

Duration: 1 day

Target group: Leaders who are considering to start CI activities in their organizations, Teams members

Format: Theory combined with interactive discussions and exercises to practice methods & tools.

High-Level Flow

  • What are all those terms ? Continuous Improvement, TQM, Business Excellence, OPEX, Lean, Six Sigma, SPC…
  • Where do they come from and why ? A short overview of the history.
  • Understanding PDCA cycles
  • Introduction of 7 Basic Quality Tools
  • Lean vs. Six Sigma
  • Real life examples

Certification: At the end of each training participants will receive a printed Certificate of Attendance.