Business Excellence

When it comes to “quality improvement” every company claims they are doing it. Yet we are surrounded by low quality products and services.

We all experienced a flight delay or cancellation, we landed our destination without our luggage. We ordered something on-line but received something else. We tried to pay with our credit card but could not finalize the payment.. This list is long.

When you complain you mostly get a “we are sorry” note and in exceptional cases some compensation, but the problems keep repeating.

The truth is majority of the companies just stay where they are in terms of process performance.

We help companies to identify their critical processes, to understand how those processes are really functioning, to list repeating problems, to find the root causes of those problems and fix them in a SUSTAINABLE manner by using :

  • Philosophy of Continuous Improvement
  • Listening & Understanding Voice of Customer (VoC)
  • LSS – Lean Six Sigma
  • BPM – Business Process Management
  • Project Management & Execution

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