Change Leadership

Concept: Change is inevitable in today’s world, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Companies need to evolve to survive in this fast changing environment: Some 10 years ago we did not have smart phones, 20 years back e-mail was something new. Either you adopt your company or you are out! See what has happened to Encyclopedia Britannica once Wikipedia and likes came in our lives.

Successful execution of the change efforts is vital for companies and not only big ones also the small ones need to be executed professionally. You, as a leader, can prepare your people for the change and accompany them through out the journey. You can LEAD the change and transform the culture.

In this training session you will learn what triggers change, why it is important to understand the real reasons for the change, why some people like, others don’t like change, what are the methods and tools to ensure change takes place and sustains.

The session will be tailored depending on participants’ roles in the change effort (i.e. initiator, leader, participant).

Duration: 1-2 days

Target group: Anyone who is initiating, leading or participating in a change effort, team leaders, project managers, also     recommended for those who are in leadership roles of multicultural teams

Format: Theory combined with interactive discussions and exercises to practice methods & tools.

High-Level Flow

  • What is change.
  • Why it happens. Why now. Internal / external factors
  • Your role in change – Is there an opportunity in every change ? WIIFM
  • Change Models
  • GE’s CAP (Change Acceleration Process) model
  • ADKAR model
  • Lewin’s model
  • Kotter’s 8 step model
  • Tools to ensure successful execution and sustainability

Certification: At the end of each training participants will receive a printed Certificate of Attendance.